Flight Review: JL720/JL221 – Jakarta – Tokyo Narita / Tokyo Haneda – Osaka Kansai – Japan Airlines Economy Class

Boeing 787

Although I may have been to Japan many times, Tokyo especially, I have never actually had to change airports for a connecting flight. I do recall during the Covid years when some travelers were caught out when they bought flight tickets involving the two international airport, Narita and Haneda, only to realise that they were not allowed to fly because it involved them having to clear immigration and enter Japan, which of course was not possible during Covid.

This review will detail my experience flying from Jakarta to Osaka via Tokyo Narita and Haneda!

Having spent the previous night at the Anara Hotel connected to Jakarta’s Terminal 3, I wandered over to the terminal at about 4am in the morning to find a rather quiet check-in area.

The desk agent was very polite but thorough, as she had asked for all my QR codes and other relevant documents. I was then issued with my boarding pass and was invited to wait at either the Sapphire Lounge or surprisingly, Garuda’s Lounge, I chose the latter of course!

After spending an hour or so at the lounge, I went for a walk from one end of the terminal to the other! It was then time to start lining up at the gate area for boarding. Boarding, as you would expect from a Japanese carrier, was extremely orderly and efficient. As a Oneworld Emerald member, I was first in the Group 1 Line! There were probably only 5 or 6 of us in that line as this Boeing 787 did not offer a First Class cabin.

Being one of the very first to board, I managed to take a few photos of the economy cabin before it was filled up with passengers.

It was a very full flight on Christmas Day, mostly families with children. Despite the slightly delayed boarding, we left the gate on time and was airborne in no time. Whilst the seat was very comfortable for a day flight of 7 hours and the crew were friendly and attentive, I felt like the meal service was a little disappointing.

Arrival into Tokyo Narita was on time but it sure was a very busy afternoon as it took me nearly an hour to clear immigration and customs. It felt so good to be back in Japan after being locked out of this beautiful country for almost 3 years because of Covid!

I then took a local train from Tokyo Narita to Kamata Station which took almost 90 minutes and stayed at a local hotel there.

The next morning, it was a short 2-minute walk from the hotel to the local bus stop at 4.30am and then I was on the local bus to Tokyo Haneda Airport. The ride itself took approximately 30 minutes.

It was surprisingly busy that early in the morning but Emerald travelers have access to a private entry with direct access to the Japan Airlines’ Lounge.

There was also a separate area for Oneworld Sapphire members.

Clearing security via this private area was a breeze so I had plenty of time to enjoy a relaxing breakfast at the lounge before boarding my flight to Osaka Kansai.