Bali Airport Lounge Hopping

Denpasar International Airport


Denpasar International Airport is probably not the most exciting airport to be spending time in. However, on my recent flight out of DPS, I had decided to give myself an hour before my flight because it was my goal to visit and review not one, but two of the airport’s Priority Pass lounges!

First stop was the T/G Lounge. You would be forgiven for thinking this could have been a Thai Airways’ lounge!

Located on the mezzanine level of the departure area, it is one of three lounges at DPS – T/G, Premier and Garuda Indonesia.

T/G is probably one of the smallest lounges at this airport. Whilst it does have a decent range of food and beverage offerings, it is not a very comfortable lounge because of a lack of airconditioning. The lounge uses portable units which are noisy and clumsy!

Entry to T/G Lounge at Denpasar Bali International Airport

Next up, the Premier Lounge. This was definitely a more pleasant lounge to be in even if it was only because there was proper climate control! Again, there was a decent buffet and comfortable lounge chairs scattered all throughout the lounge.

Entry to Premier Lounge

If I had to pick one, it would be the latter – Premier Lounge!