The Year 2030: Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 5

Barely two months after Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 opens its doors for operations, construction for the Changi Airport Terminal 5 is underway – slated for 2030.

Singapore Changi Airport has begun building what is going to be known as the Terminal 5. By 2030, the 5 terminals are expected to handle up to 150 million passengers compared to the current 82 million now.

The new Terminal will be huge with two smaller connecting satellite terminals which aim to handle up to 70 million passengers. Location wise, Terminal 4 is now at where the budget terminal was (which was demolished) and the new Terminal 5 will be built behind the current Terminal 4. Land reclamations and ground works have already begun.

As to how it looks and what facilities and attractions encompassing Terminal 5 is yet to be known. But we do know is when Singapore builds an airport, the five times consecutive best airport of the year, will surely be just as good – if not better.


Changi Airport Terminal 5
Changi Airport Terminal 5

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