Royal Jordanian Satire on #Electronicsban and Win Two Tickets to the U.S.


Few days ago, Royal Jordanian came out with a list of things you can do on a flightwhen you do not have a laptop or iPad with you. This time, they are at it again… making fun of the electronics ban that the United States of America has issued last week.

While this new electronics ban is still fresh in people’s head, I thought it was an ingenious way for airlines to ‘market’ themselves. If you have no idea where Jordan is (like me), look at the map below. Jordan is right next to Israel and the capital is Amman. Read more about the country of Jordan here.

 I really think RJ’s social media team are doing a great job. They are in the news for all the w̶r̶o̶n̶g̶  right reasons.

In case you are like me, doesn’t really know where Jordan is, I have included a Google Map above.