Lounge Review: Singapore Changi Airport DNATA Lounge Terminal 1


I wish I could show you more pictures but when I was there last year, one lady in the lounge stopped me from taking photographs. I was taken back by surprise because that was the first time someone prevented me from doing it. Fortunately, I took most of the pictures before she could manage to stop me.

I find it weird because… look, it is a dnata lounge. You do not expect them to look/service like a Qantas or Emirates lounge located in Terminal 2 so this dnata was – functional at best. As I was taking Thai Airways to Bangkok, and not a star alliance elite, I had to settle for this using my Priority Pass.

The ‘working area’. Truth be told, the ‘booth’ area adds a nice touch of privacy and class to the lounge. It was 6.30am in the morning and the lounge was pretty quiet at that hour. However, it starts to get busy after 7am!


Sitting/dining area on the left side of the lounge. 


Neatly laid out local and international magazines


Buffet area


More sitting



Local dishes – Laksa was served for breakfast. There were a server behind the counter.



The bathroom/shower room